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Hoosier Riverwatch — A Great Program for Indiana!

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This past weekend, I had the good fortune to participate in the Hoosier Riverwatch training program.hooisers river watch graphic  Sponsored by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management,  the purpose of Hoosier Riverwatch is to encourage Indiana  citizens to become active stewards of our water resources through watershed education, water monitoring and cleanup activities.  The training was hosted by Deb Palmer from Marshall County’s excellent Soil and Water Conservation Office , and was expertly taught by Jennifer Krauser, a volunteer  with Hoosier  Riverwatch.  We spent the morning in the  classroom, reviewing basic elements for determining water quality in our area streams by examining physical, chemical  and biological properties of these systems.  Lots of great hands-on learning.  Watershed PresentationHere’s an image of a rudimentary, but effective way to model a watershed.

In the afternoon, we headed out to a nearby tributary of the Yellow River where we put our training to practice.  This particular stream flows through Plymouth’s Centennial Park and will be surrounded by Blueberry Festival-goers this coming weekend.  Over the course of 3 hours under Jennifer’s and Deb’s guidance, we measured the aforementioned parameters and, while we haven’t crunched all of the data just yet, it appears this 200′ section of stream was in pretty good shape.

Below are more images from the  day.  A great tutorial and wonderful folks with whom  to learn!  If you have the opportunity to participate in this training, I encourage you to do so!




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