Sustainability at Culver

Conserve – Reduce – Educate

CGA Leads the Way on Sustainability!

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Once again, the young women of Culver Girls Academy are leading the way for our school and beyond!  Today marks the first meeting of CGA’s Sustainability Committee.  These trailblazing Sustainability Prefects (minus two excused absences) are pictured below along with advisers Ms. Nelson and Ms. Pinatell .CGA Prefects

The Sustainability Committee Chair and Prefect is the brain child of senior Helen Johnston ’18.  A few weeks ago, Helen proposed the idea to the CGA Council who unanimously endorsed it.  Here is a picture of Helen presenting the idea to the CGA Council.

helen and cga council 2

The Prefects left today’s meeting with the following list of “to dos” and goals.


For the dorm meeting today:

 – If you don’t shut off the lights when you leave the room, that is a room failure

– Recycling will start to become part of KLL

– Age of Consequences (film on sustainability) will be shown this Friday at 6:45 in Roberts!! There will be free pizza and dessert, plus the director will Skype in!!

 For the future/ Meeting notes

 Green Week is coming up, come to Green Life (first Tuesday of every month!) if you can. 

Camille will be seeing if we can get a dining hall representative to the meeting to change the styrofoam cups, so wait for that e-mail for more information. 

Heating has not been effective and should be fixable

Green Week- 13 gallon a day challenge- emphasize what that looks like, could you do it? (Educational/ Dorm challenge)


 Ximena: Remind everyone about turning off lights/ trash cans, higher recycling rates. Better cleaning so people do not get sick.

 Elizabeth: More effective recycling within the dorm

 Ava: Making people more water conscious, fostering a stronger bond between KLL and Sustainability. 


People clean very ineffectively, make people responsible for each set, get reusable sets for accountability. 

 Camille: (E-mailing Carol Buchannen) KLL is the big focus, getting consistent checking, hold people accountable. 

 Leanne:  Get people to stop leaving the showers on, more water conscious when cleaning the dishes. 

 Chase: Education about sustainability and what you can and cannot recycle. Create an environment where girls in the dorm can learn more sustainable habits.  


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