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Climate Change and Indiana

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We read and hear about climate change nearly every day.  Often it is difficult to separate facts from hype; hand-wringing from doom-saying and denial from misunderstanding.

On June 28th, we will have a chance to learn about climate change and how it is affecting Indiana.  You are invited to attend a presentation by Melissa Widhalm, operations manager with the Purdue Climate Change Research Center .  The PCCRC is a collaborative hub for interdisciplinary research on climate change.  Melissa  also serves as the program coordinator for the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (IN CCIA), a statewide collaborative effort to develop a series of reports designed to help Hoosiers better understand climate change-related risks so they can better prepare for the future.

This presentation and discussion will enable you to learn more about what climate change means for us.   The event takes place from 6:30pm-8pm  at Opies Office, 114 Michigan Street in Plymouth Indiana.  The event is free and open to the public.  See poster below for more information and please share with friends and family.

climate change discussion


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