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Some Culver Campus Recycling Data

As the new recycling bins begin to spring up around campus, you may be interested to learn Culver has had an active recycling program for more than 10 years.  The link below shows our recycling efforts significantly improved last year, in part due to expanded use of the “Eagle” recycling bins.  Almost 40 tons of material was recycled!

20140824_Recycle data

In addition, over the last decade, Culver has kept the following items out of the  landfill by working with the Marshall County Solid Waste District and others to reuse, recycle or responsibly dispose of these items.

  • Over 30,000 fluorescent ballasts and bulbs
  • More than 1,400 tires
  • 770 gallons of paint and chemicals
  • 127 large appliances (fridges, etc)
  • More than 3,300 printer cartridges
  • Equivalent of 4 large dump truck loads of electronics

If you have “household hazardous waste” like the items above, please contact Richard Hart or Debbie Smith in Facilities or Chris Kline to arrange for appropriate disposal.


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It’s easier than ever to recycle at Culver!

New Recycling Bins Springing Up Around Campus —  It will be easier than ever to recycle at Culver as 50 new recycle bin systems are being installed across campus over the next couple of weeks.  The bins, pictured below, have two separate containers — one for trash, and the other for “mixed recyclables.”


Mixed recyclables include: paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic (as long as it has the #1 – #7 recycle label stamped on it).

Trash includes everything else – food, and soiled food containers, candy wrappers, plastic or wax coated paper, styrofoam, light bulbs, electronics, batteries, mixed metals, etc.

These new bins are part of Culver’s on-going efforts to reduce waste going to the landfill.  These bins would not be here without the combined talent of Green Life, the Ron Rubin School, the Facilities Team and Mr. Buxton.  Thanks to all of you!  Help do your part for our planet and recycle.